CINCINNATI, Ohio, November 9, 2018 / — CyanGate, a professional services and solutions firm specialized in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM),


During our content management series, we talked about how sales teams can engage with the content on Salesforce. Then, we discussed how marketing teams can engage with


Marketing Content Management (MCM) on Salesforce has never been easier!   Rapidly respond to unfolding business circumstances by delivering the optimal combination of marketing content to your


The homepage of the Sales Team on Salesforce has changed! Driving the adoption rate of the sales team by turning Salesforce into a content-centric


Salesforce offers two different methods to handle email-to-case attachments, both of which have drawbacks. What if there is a third option that overcomes these


The only method to deliver Content to customers without a Salesforce license was Content Packs. Unfortunately, this feature is slated for retirement by February 2020.


LOOP Storage Customers… Migration is Closer than You Think. Do You Have a Plan? ATTENTION LOOP Storage customer! Did you know that LOOP Storage is


INCINNATI, Ohio, March 5, 2019 / — CyanGate, a professional services and solutions firm specialized in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM),


Salesforce is an amazing platform. You can run your entire operations and automate most of your processes. The challenge is what do you need


You have millions of records on Salesforce and struggle to find what you are looking for? Keep reading! The term Electronic Discovery (E-Discovery) was


You are about to enable Service cloud but just realize that you need to communicate to your internal users, customers and/ or partners about


2.2 Release has a lot in store for sales teams. For Inside Sales teams, lead conversion is very crucial. It becomes a pain if your


Marketing Cloud incorporates integrated solutions for customer journey management, email, mobile, social media, web personalization, advertising, content creation, content management and data analysis. While S-Drive is primarily used as a document


S-Drive’s 2.2 Release turned out to be a release of All Clouds. We refer to All Clouds as Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Communities Cloud, Commerce Cloud and Connect Cloud. Marketing


Ready for 2.2?

2.2 release is the biggest release of S-Drive ever in terms of new features set. With 22 new features, S-Drive users can be more


2.2 is around the corner. We are pumped about this release since it is helping you access files from other storage repositories such as Microsoft


We finally have a home… a place where we talk about the latest on document management: Document Management Trailblazers Salesforce Success Group. We talk about the


It is that time of the year! Amusement parks start to kick off their season. Being in Cincinnati, we impatiently wait for Kings Island to open


Do you believe there are no limits when it comes to software? Think again! Salesforce has governing limits on email sizes over 25 MB. This means


URLs can be mind-blowingly long if they are auto-generated. We realized that these long URLs were breaking some processes of our S-Drive customers, hence we took


Year 1993! As an avid Bryan Adams fan, I was waiting for what will be his greatest compilation album ever, So Far So Good. In


One of the key elements of document management in the 4th Industrial Revolution is mobility. We are taking our mobile phones wherever we go.


Most users do not see (SFDC) as an essential platform to run the business. One of the main reasons of this general perception is the


One of our most important enhancements along with 2.1 release has been Chatter. Chatter is the native collaboration tool on and, considering the customer demand, we wanted


S-Drive’s journey on overcoming limitations of and delivering a CRM-based document management solution surges with our 2.1 Release Last week, we held the webinar to

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