How does using a Document Collection or Intake process for Salesforce save time and money? The list is long! Document Collection or Intake refers to the process of uploading or importing a file or document into Salesforce so it can be used across an organization. However, its value is more significant than just importing and managing documents. Think about all the steps required to obtain documents, manually process them, get signatures, upload documents, file them, use them, or amend them.  

It can become chaotic, quickly.  

Complexity across organizations and teams increases when organizations rely on forms and document intake as a key part of their business. All organizations leverage email communications and need to process and store documents today, it’s the way the world works. The average number of emails received a day is 200!  This translates into thousands of communications that include vital document for a variety of uses.

Most common document intake applications include: 

  • Legal forms 
  • Insurance claims  
  • University or educational applications  
  • Banking or loan applications 
  • Certification or qualification 
  • Patient intake forms 
  • Sales contracts 
  • Any generic application 


Now, think about the needs of the organizations that use these documents at scale. Teams need a way to intake documents via a portal that enables seamless processing for secure, fast, and efficient results. A Document Intake solution delivers that. 

4 Benefits of a Document Intake Solution 

Efficiency: Using a Document Intake Solution in Salesforce means you can keep all your data in one place and easily access it when you need it. No messy email attachments, scanning documents, obtaining signatures, downloading documents, just to have emails blocked by filters or be misplaced. Access all relevant files and documents in one secure portal. 

When files and documents are seamlessly added in Salesforce, they can be easily shared with other team members or departments. This improves collaboration and communications by ensuring that everyone has access to the same information, even across global organizations. Increased efficiency means saving time and resources for your teams. That translates into real money back to the bottom line.

Fast turn-around and response time matter to customers, internal teams, and impacts the overall customer experience. A Document Intake solution helps make the entire intake, process, and use of critical documents faster. It saves time for the customers using the solution or sending in those loan application documents and makes the entire process easier to manage.  

The right Document Intake solution can also solve the challenges of e-signature requirements. As a result, it makes the response time to process those loan applications or employee onboarding quicker. Less time spent managing and obtaining files manually means faster response time.  

A Document Intake solution solves many of the security and compliance concerns when processing forms with sensitive data or personally identifiable information (PII). The need to protect data and sensitive files is not just best practice. It is required by law and enforced by legislation across the world. And, non-compliance with GDPR laws, HIPAA requirements, and others legislation means organizations face fines, loss of revenue, reputation, and more.  

Security is paramount because not all threats or breaches are malicious. The most common forms of security breaches include phishing, business email comprise and vulnerability in third-party software reaching $4.55 million in 2022 (compared to $4.33 million in 2021). Using a Document Intake solution minimizes exposure and access to sensitive documents, whether the threat is internal or external, malicious or not.

Increasing scalability is essential for a growing organization. It helps you stay ahead of the competition and improves performance across teams. It also helps you shorten your sales cycle and increase sales velocity. That’s always a good thing. This enables internal teams to focus on high value work like assisting customers, not processing forms. 

Leveraging a Document Intake solution for Salesforce ensures that all critical forms and files are held in the central repository. Again, it provides an effective way to streamline workflows and enables teams to access accurate and necessary documents from anywhere in seconds, not hours. Efficiency and scalability go hand in hand. 

As with any technology solution, however, the importance is how solutions work together across the tech stack. Incompatible solutions that require extensive integration work or costly custom code make the efficiencies of great solutions fade. 

Seamless Integration with Formstack Document Generation

One of the fastest and easiest ways for document collection or File Intake is via Formstack. The solution creates a dynamic document from a template using existing fields, which are already mapped to a Salesforce field. Each user is then able to generate a unique document with their information from a single template quickly, easily, and securely. 

Integration of Formstack into S-Drive App, a native document management solution for Salesforce makes the entire process seamless. No need to download additional forms, scan files, or use manual processes. It’s that easy. The solution delivers the efficiency, speed, security, and scalability teams need today.   

Document Collection and Intake with Formstack and S-Drive streamline the entire process. It speeds time to value, saving time, and money for customers. Want to see the Formstack + S-Drive App solution in action? Keep an eye out for our upcoming demo in July!