LOOP Storage Customers… Migration is Closer than You Think. Do You Have a Plan?

ATTENTION LOOP Storage customer! Did you know that LOOP Storage is not available on AppExchange anymore? What is your plan of action if Nintex stops supporting this app? Let’s talk about an option that can provide peace of mind for you.

Moving can be difficult. In the physical world, you sometimes leave your loved ones behind. In the digital world, it’s a hassle to migrate to a new system and convince others the new way is better. This is particularly true for LOOP Storage customers right now. Since Nintex is no longer offering the app, LOOP Storage customers are under pressure to find another solution fast.

S-Drive to the rescue!

Like LOOP Storage, S-Drive uses Amazon S3 services, making the transition from LOOP Storage to S-Drive remarkably easy. LOOP Storage customers can start using S-Drive immediately, using the Amazon S3 account they already have, and keeping their current S3 bucket if they wish.

There are other advantages to S-Drive as well. S-Drive is in perfect harmony with Salesforce and regularly releases updates with new features. These releases are designed to accommodate major updates made by Salesforce three times a year and  improve the user experience with features often drawn from customer feedback.

As everyone knows, Salesforce encourages its customers to use the Lightning experience, and S-Drive is already Lightning ready as well as being available for Salesforce Classic customers.

And thanks to the integration of S-Drive with Salesforce Communities, companies using Salesforce can share media with external users via S-Drive.

S-Drive  is more than a storage application. It also provides many media management tools, such as allowing users to send media via email, create a media shortcut between Salesforce records, copy/cut/paste files, create links for non-Salesforce access, and more. These features are available at no extra cost.

LOOP Storage charges $1000 annually  for each Salesforce organization regardless of the storage space used. In contrast, S-Drive offers a more flexible pricing plan. S-Drive customers pay according to the amount of storage they use. The unit price decreases as the space used increases. There is no charge for storage below 1 GB and above 10 TB.

In addition to the pay-as-you-use model, S-Drive is able to meet the special demands of its customers with its annual subscription system.

S-Drive also has great customer support. Its professional services team can design personalized solutions for customers’ unique situations.  And with offices in Cincinnati and Ankara, S-Drive’s customer support team can provide immediate support to customers in different time zones.

If you want to learn more about S-Drive and how to migrate to S-Drive, please contact us by phone at +1 (833) – 326-9778 or via email to get a FREE consultation.