As a business, it’s important to constantly look for new ways to grow and expand and that includes unlocking new revenue opportunities. One way to do this is by building a strong partner network consisting of different types of partners. The different partners are then part of a broader partner ecosystem that works and supports an industry, product, or company. It’s an intricate web that offers significant value to its partner community and customers, each offering unique benefits. 

At S-Drive, we understand the importance of partnerships and have created the Turbo Partner Program to help our partners increase their brand awareness, generate more revenue, and increase the value proposition for customers within the Salesforce ecosystem. 

Our Turbo Partner Program is designed to provide our partners with the resources, tools, and information they need to succeed. By partnering with S-Drive, our partners can increase their own brand awareness through joint marketing, demand generation, events, social media, and additional opportunities to highlight their services across the globe. 

How The Turbo Partner Program for S-Drive Provides a Power Boost to Your Revenue Generating Efforts

S-Drive has become the highest rated Document Management System on Salesforce by addressing two frequent challenges that customers face: limited storage and lack of a folder structure for documents within Salesforce records. By implementing S-Drive for your Salesforce customers, you provide needed functionality and potential cost savings by avoiding costly charges for exceeding Salesforce’s storage limits. The Turbo Partner Program for S-Drive has been developed to allow selected partners the opportunity to improve the value proposition for existing Salesforce customers and better position partners to win new business. In addition, partners can earn up to 15% of the first-year revenue generated for each customer they bring on board. This means new opportunities and new customers equal more revenue for our partners. 

In addition to the potential for increased revenue, partners also have the opportunity to stay in sync with the S-Drive and Salesforce ecosystems. This means being the first to get new releases, updates, and training. As the highest-rated document management solution on Salesforce AppExchange, S-Drive offers great exposure for our partners and the opportunity to expand your reach or double down in your niche.  

Remember, the Salesforce ecosystem is one of the largest in the world and growing. Back in 2019 IDC estimated that for every $1 Salesforce made, the ecosystem would make $4.29. Well today that projection is even higher at $5.80. Building and growing your business within the ecosystem is a solid bet.

As a result, becoming part of the Turbo Partner Program means a potential to add additional revenue opportunities by providing implementation and customization services. S-Drive is a platform that allows partners to expand their service offering and create many different document-centric workflows on the Salesforce platform. Each customer is unique, that means customization opportunities for you. For selected partners, we offer the necessary support from S-Drive developers to position you to implement and customize S-Drive based on the individual needs of your customer. Our team is also available to provide necessary sales support including product demonstrations and answers to any prospective customer questions, making it easy for partners to get started. 

Turbo Partner Program is a great opportunity for Salesforce consultants, system integrators, and independent software vendors to grow their business, increase revenue, and stay in sync with the Salesforce ecosystem. By partnering with S-Drive, our partners can take advantage of the resources, tools, and information we provide to help them succeed. Together, we offer greater expertise and expand our reach. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the Turbo Partner Program for S-Drive and how you can become a partner, visit our website.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your business to the next level and unlock new revenue opportunities with the leading document management solution on Salesforce AppExchange. Get started by signing up for an S-Drive tour today!