S-Drive Turbo Partner Program

Gain access to resources, tools, and information on all S-Drive products.

About This Guide

We developed Turbo Partner Program to help you grow your business through a closer relationship with S-Drive. Our partners gain access to resources, tools, and information on all S-Drive products, so, together, we can provide your customers with solutions to transform their business.

Stay Up to Date

By becoming an S-Drive Turbo Partner Program member, never miss news and updates regarding S-Drive technologies, enhancements, and improvements on Document Management within the Salesforce platform.

Augment Revenue Generation

AppExchange ISV partners unlock the opportunity to gain up to 15% of the first year of revenue generated for each customer they bring.

Become an S-Driver

This partnership program provides access to S-Drive resources and allows our partners to gain in-depth technical knowledge to boost their ROI. 

Level Up Your Engagement

Gain perspective on the Salesforce ecosystem with real case scenarios in the Salesforce community on industry trends and requirements, real-time processes, and customer pain points solutions.

Elevate Brand Awareness

Partners boost visibility and credibility by collaborating with S-Drive, the highest-rated document management app in Salesforce AppExchange.

Table of Contents

S-Drive Turbo Partner Program Overview

We offer Partners the opportunity to grow their business and expand their expertise.

Who Are We?

S-Drive is an end-to-end Salesforce native document management solution developed by CyanGate.

How You Can Become a Partner

S-Drive provides two levels of partnership: Networker and Hero.

S-Drive Turbo Partner Program Partner Portal

Get more detailed information for users, partners, and members of the program.

Partner Portal Benefits

Download the guide and learn more about Sales, Technical, and, Marketing benefits.

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