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Why S-Drive?​


At S-Drive, you are not required contractually to continue. You can cancel at any time if the service model does not match up with you.


With S-Drive, users of Salesforce.com avoid paying excessive storage fees. There are no setup fees and no cost for data transfer into S-Drive.

Ease of Use

S-Drive has a user-friendly interface, as you can see in our demo or try it out for yourself. Users cut, copy, paste, and rename within S-Drive easily.

Faster Uploads

With Transfer Acceleration feature, S-Drive can upload files 300% faster, officially the fastest way to make files visible on Salesforce.

Added Security

Users can easily set expiration dates for access permission. Sharing rules and role-based security keep unauthorized third parties from accessing the file. Folder-based security setting is available as well.

Native to Salesforce

Organizing files and folders for standard objects (such as Accounts, Opportunities, Contacts, and Cases) or custom objects in Salesforce.com is not always a simple process.

S-Drive solves that challenge by providing an attachment upload feature for both standard and custom objects of Salesforce. Use either the S-Drive file objects for the Case, Contact, Account, and Opportunity objects or you can create your own. Problem solved.

Easily integrate files on S-Drive with your current workflows with APIs. Sync your SFDC attachments with S-Drive after a simple configuration for a seamless process.

Edit Documents within Salesforce

To edit a document, you have in Salesforce, first, you need to download it, then edit and then upload it again. S-Drive allows you to work on any supported Microsoft Office File Format in the fastest and safest way, within Salesforce. All the data and edited files will be stored in Amazon S3 to be reached and edited anytime.   

Take control of your files with S-Drive Microsoft Office Integration without leaving Salesforce, select users, give differentiated authorization, check who is editing the document right at that time, and see the version history. 

Flexibility Through Salesforce

The configuration of S-Drive is easy and well documented. Our support team is always ready to help!

S-Drive offers Salesforce Digital Experience (Salesforce Communities) support for you to collaborate with external users with ease. All Salesforce files can be sent to S-Drive automatically. S-Drive supports all document generation processes that push final documents to Salesforce files.

Integration to
DocuSign eSignature and Microsoft 365

S-Drive’s eSignature feature streamlines file management. Seamlessly send and receive documents via DocuSign and have them stored directly in S-Drive. 

Integrated DocuSign eSignature and Microsoft 365 help simplify the multi-step processes of document management.

Integrating eSignature also adds an extra layer of security to the entire process all within AppExchange.  

S-Drive Desktop Experience Add-On

S-Drive Desktop Experience is a local synchronization solution between Salesforce and local storage. This allows Salesforce users to manage documents and digital assets using their local file system.

Browse, update, delete, and upload new documents without opening the Salesforce app.  All changes made in Salesforce or using the Desktop Experience will be synchronized. 

Integration to Formstack Document Generation

Streamline the entire document management process, ensuring efficiency by document collection and keeping all your data in one central and secure hub. Accelerate workflows like obtaining signatures, storing, and sharing documents all within the app for faster collaboration across teams.  

With a strong focus on security, S-Drive protects sensitive data and meets ever-evolving compliance regulations. Built-in access and permissions ensure data protection is key.  

Process a lot of forms or applications? S-Drive’s seamless Integration with Formstack Document Generation solution solves the complexity of form collection, processing, and storage. Improve the entire customer experience by simplifying document collection and generation.   

Most common use cases: 

  • Financial and Legal forms  
  • Insurance claims   
  • University or educational applications   
  • Banking or loan applications  
  • Certification or qualification  
  • Patient intake forms  
  • Sales contracts  
  • Any generic application


Unlimited Storage Space

Exceeding file storage limits (10 GB per org and 2GB per user) on Salesforce leads to increased costs. Save money on extra storage needs with the S-Drive Amazon S3 cloud storage system.

Seamlessly upload files and attachments to S-Drive using Salesforce accounts and files are transferred automatically. Get additional storage that is fast and easy, and saves money.

How to Leverage Document Management in Salesforce?

Document Management

An organized file management system in Salesforce is not a dream anymore. S-Drive allows you to store your documents in a folder structure so you can easily find and categorize them. You provide access to users for files and folders using fine controls enabling collaboration.
S-URL allows you to share any size files using a secure link for collaboration with non-Salesforce users and speed up file sharing to your customers and partners.

Content / Digital Asset Management

With S-Drive, you manage all images and videos inside Salesforce. S-Drive allows you to build taxonomy and set metadata for your digital assets through its Tagging feature.

Store any digital assets (image, audio, mp4 video, etc.) preview, organize in a folder structure, and share large files securely with S-Drive whether in your Salesforce org or Digital Experience (old Communities). Bulk file upload is also supported together with your custom workflows.

Records Management

S-Drive provides a cloud-based Records Management service on Salesforce.com by building retention policies to your files, having file check-in & check-out functionality, and putting your files under legal hold

Record Retention is crucial especially for Education, Healthcare and Financial institutions. S-Drive is HIPAA compliant secures patient and institutional data. It also allows users to have different levels of authorization, so access to different files. Always stay compliant with regulations with S-Drive! 

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