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Eliminate the use of expensive storage costs

by offloading file storage to Amazon S3 with S-Drive.

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Why S-Drive?

S-Drive file management solution combines the managerial applications of with Amazon’s secure file storage services. It is an easy, secure and simple file management and distribution platform for Salesforce. S-Drive is available on AppExchange. S-Drive is Salesforce1 compatible and Lightning ready. Users can seamlessly upload files and attachments of any size to Amazon S3 from their Salesforce accounts. Because all content becomes available globally on cloud storage, users can share files with customers and contacts without file size limitations and excessive storage costs. All storage is completely handled by Amazon S3 cloud storage system, which includes enterprise file storage, secure transmission and accessibility.

S-Drive strengthens Salesforce with Amazon S3 cloud storage. If you are looking for unlimited file storage which is secure and allows custom development, you are at the right place. S-Drive is secure and the best choice for case file management, file distribution and large files on Salesforce. You can try S-Drive with no charge.

Extra Storage Space for Users

Facilitating unlimited storage in

S-Drive is the only 100% native, secure, easy to use and unlimited file storage and file distribution platform for

Providing a secure place to organize your company’s large files through cloud storage.

It is ideal for any business needing a secure location to organize, store, and share large files such as promotional material, customer support documents, sales files, software, etc. S-Drive supports all types of media files.

Creating a platform where customers can download and upload documents and media.

Offering many other benefits to relieve the stress associated with managing large files.

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Testimonials about S-Drive

  • We have been using S-Drive for a year now without any major problems. When some files do cause problems, CyanGate support is very quick in solving the issue. The first response is usually well below half an hour.
    Georg Wenk, Austria
  • We all know Salesforce gives a relatively piddly amount of file storage space, and some of the solutions here in the AppExchange are far too expensive for me to refer to my clients. S-Drive is a miracle. The pricing is the best you're going to find on the AppExchange as of today.
    Marina Martin, United States
  • We were looking for an alternative to the native SalesForce file storage. We specifically wanted a tool that used the Amazon S3 cloud. S-Drive fits the bill well. Installation can be a bit of a challenge with all the customization that must be done to scripts.
    Jim Strickland, United States