S-Drive’s 2.2 Release turned out to be a release of All Clouds. We refer to All Clouds as Marketing CloudSales CloudService CloudCommunities CloudCommerce Cloud and Connect Cloud.

  • Marketing Cloud: Along with this release, we introduce HD-quality file previews and thumbnails.
  • Sales Cloud: You can do lead conversion and carry over lead files to contact files, account files and/ or opportunity files, it is a matter of your choice.
  • Service Cloud: We are introducing a free component for Case with Attachment(s). No more hassling with a tedious two-step process to create cases first and attach files second.
  • Communities Cloud: A truly desired feature ‘Folder-based Search’ is available now. This way, you can search with a keyword on a specific folder.
  • Commerce Cloud: We are enabling S-Drive users to share public URLs with password protection. Users will not only be able to download but also be able to access files and folders even if they are not Salesforce users.
  • Connect Cloud: Willing to import files and folders from Sharepoint Online, Google Drive, OneDrive or Box into S-Drive? No problem! You will be able to do that using our new Import X-Files feature (which is available for free)


Aside from these main features, here are some other nice features coming along with 2.2 Release:

  • Simplified Custom Object support & Automagical Sync (migrating from 1.x to 2.2 is just a Sync button away)
  • Multiple S-Drive objects in single page
  • Recycle Bin & Expanding a Preview are available on Classic (used to be only available for Lightning)


We will talk in detail what this release brings to each cloud every week. Stay tuned!