Document Management for Salesforce with S-Drive

Document management in Salesforce can get complicated when teams are constantly adding files, organizing folders, and updating documents. Streamlining document management processes and collaboration is essential for teams to work efficiently today.

S-Drive, the document management solution helps simplify the complexity teams face and improves the Salesforce experience at the same time. Imagine working in a single, robust platform to efficiently create, organize, and share documents…without worrying about storage limitations. It’s possible.

Why S-Drive Document Management

Store and share files of any size in folders structured with metadata, versioning, and all the functionality of Salesforce. And then some.

End-to-End Document Management

Benefits of S-Drive Document Management Solution

Centralized Document Repository

S-Drive has a centralized repository to manage all your documents within Salesforce. No more scattered files and disorganized information. With S-Drive, you can quickly and easily manage your documents directly within Salesforce.

Folder Structure

Complex or insufficient folder structure makes finding and managing documents difficult at times. S-Drive helps enhance and create a folder structure that scales, streamlining the process of managing and organizing documents, no matter how deep your folder structure becomes.

Version Control

Never worry about version conflicts again. S-Drive’s version control feature ensures that teams are always working with the latest version of a document. Track changes, roll back to previous versions, and maintain document integrity effortlessly.

Secure Document Access & File Sharing

Protect your sensitive information with S-Drive’s advanced security features. Control access to documents based on user roles and permissions, ensuring that only authorized individuals can view or edit specific files. Users share files with customers without being concerned about email limit restrictions. Sharing content over a secure connection with S-URL is possible with S-Drive.

Unlimited Storage with AWS Integration

Say goodbye to storage constraints. With S-Drive, enjoy the freedom of unlimited storage with AWS integration for your Salesforce documents. Store, manage, and access your files without worrying about capacity limits, providing the flexibility to scale your document management needs.

Document Search and Retrieval

Save time and boost productivity with S-Drive’s powerful search capabilities. Locate documents quickly using keywords, tags, or metadata. Say goodbye to manual document search – find what you need, when you need it with document search and retrieval.

Salesforce File Sync

Upload files to Salesforce, and automatically synchronize them with S-Drive. This will allow you to use many other document generation, eSignature and existing workflows along with S-Drive without any integration needs.

Microsoft 365 and eSignature Integration

Simplifying access and usage of critical applications for document management improves the user experience and increases productivity. S-Drive integrates with Microsoft 365, Formstack, and DocuSign to quickly and easily leverage the power of these applications. Enhance document security with eSignature capabilities and edit supported Microsoft 365 file formats without the need to switch platforms.

Desktop Experience

Access all your Salesforce files directly within Windows Explorer. You can seamlessly double click on files to open them with your favorite desktop tools, save new versions of your files, drag and drop files between folders and from your own desktop to the correct location within Salesforce and associate it with Salesforce records. Browse your accounts, contacts, cases, opportunities or any other Salesforce record as folders natively while accessing your files.

Content Management

Effortlessly preview images, documents, audio, and video within Salesforce search through the utilization of meta tags. Establish a structured folder system, implement audit tracking, and reporting, and ensure secure file sharing. The system accommodates bulk file uploads, facilitates workflows, and handles large files within community environments easily.

Records Management

Retention policies for files, images, and videos. Engage in version control by checking in and out content. Implement Legal Hold to keep documents for legal proceedings. Setup retention policies to remove content from the system based on regulations so that you are always compliant without manual work.

How It Works

  • Installation: Easily install the S-Drive app from Salesforce AppExchange.
  • Configuration: Customize S-Drive to align with your organization’s document management needs.
  • Log into Salesforce: Seamlessly log in to your Salesforce environment with S-Drive.
  • Enjoy: Start enjoying the benefits of efficient document management within Salesforce with the added advantage of unlimited storage.

Get Started with S-Drive Today!

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