One of our most important enhancements along with 2.1 release has been Chatter. Chatter is the native collaboration tool on and, considering the customer demand, we wanted to enable Chatter on S-Drive so that users can collaborate around documents. Users can easily post comments, @ mention others on these documents and/ or talk about a specific part of the document.

It is social and it is fun!

Thinking through all 7 wonders, we thought Chichen Itza is the best fit for this enhancement.


Chichen Itza is a Mayan city built before the Colombian period and it is a popular tourist destination in Mexico. It is believed to be the largest city ever built by the Mayan civilization. The Castillo, a pyramid shaped castle in the city, is perhaps the most famous structure there.

We see parallels to Chatter enablement on S-Drive with Chichen Itza because it probably took a high degree of coordination and collaboration to build this remarkable city. Keeping a document relevant in an enterprise requires a lot of collaboration among peers as well.

Seeing is believing! How about test-driving Chatter by yourself and experiencing this digital wonder first hand?

Next Friday, we will talk about the Great Wall of China as the physical wonder and one of our most unique digital wonders, myDrive. Stay tuned!