It is that time of the year! Amusement parks start to kick off their season. Being in Cincinnati, we impatiently wait for Kings Island to open its doors and the magical day for us this year was April 14.

You can imagine how the first day went. Looong lines… The solution? Fast Lane! By paying a little extra you can wait less and ride more.

The idea for S-Drive’s Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration option is not so different. If you want to move data into your Amazon S3 bucket from Salesforce, you just check the box on our Configuration page and the magic happens. Suddenly, you start to transfer files up to 300% faster.

Wait lessupload faster… How amusing is that!

While S-Drive provides this unique option to its customers for FREE, there is a cost associated with this feature on the Amazon side and you can find the pricing here. Interested in test driving S-Drive? You can check it out HERE.

Enjoy the ride!