HIPAA-Compliant Document Management Solution for

Meeting compliance mandates like HIPAA and others are critical for any organization managing, storing, or processing documents in the healthcare industry. You need an end-to-end document management solution to power this. S-Drive integrates with Salesforce Health Cloud to power HIPAA-compliant, cost-effective, and integrated  document management.

The typical healthcare organization handles tens of thousands of documents and images each year. These documents and images include patient charts, patient information forms, insurance claim forms, treatment authorization forms, or other sensitive materials.

Healthcare organizations of all types and sizes face economic, competitive, and regulatory pressures. Managing sensitive documents while meeting compliance and patient obligations isn’t easy.

Teams need solutions that can solve document management complexities while maintaining cost-effective, secure, and efficient processes. 

 S-Drive enables healthcare providers and those accessing these documents to process,  manage, and distribute critical documents across functions, departments, and locations. We do it safely and securely – all in a single solution native to Salesforce.

Why Use S-Drive For
Healthcare Document Management?

Increase Productivity

Provide simultaneous access to patient information across the provider network. Make any patient-centered records available at any time to authorized users. Provide faster response to patient and provider inquiries. Allow multiple users to view files simultaneously. Improve operational efficiency with minimal disruption.

Maintain Regulatory Compliance

While storing Protected Healthcare Information (PHI) securely using Salesforce Health Cloud, comply with regulations using a document management system that adheres to HIPAA regulations!

Save Costs

Along with Salesforce, S-Drive offers the next-generation Electronic Health Record (EHR) system by enabling patient file workflows. As  CRM-enhanced patient management software, patient files can be organized through folders and/ or tags.

Focus on Saving Lives

Once you start using S-Drive, since risks are mitigated and costs are reduced, you can focus on providing the best healthcare service possible for your patients!