Pay-as-you-go Model
There are two items forming the cost structure that enables file storage savings on Salesforce: S-Drive and Amazon S3. S-Drive and Amazon charges are based on the file storage. Additionally, file can be viewed as a preview or as a thumbnail on S-Drive at an additional cost. Let's go over these costs to better understand what they are.
S-Drive File Storage Cost (Required)
S-Drive provides tiered pricing based upon the amount of storage. The first tier is FREE. There is no sign-up fee, and your first 1 GB on S-Drive will be free for every month. Each subsequent tier cost is based upon the amount of storage used in terms of GBs. S-Drive reduces your cost significantly if you need a lot of storage on Salesforce (savings ranging from 20%-50%).
Amazon File Storage Cost (Required)
You will need to pay for the Amazon S3 Storage separately. Amazon S3 file storage pricing structure can be found here
Preview & Thumbnail Pricing (Optional)

To preview files, previews and thumbnails can be generated. Calculation is done based on the number of conversions used while generating previews and thumbnails.

Preview & Thumbnail Sample Pricing Table

* Preview & Thumbnail cost is just one time when files' preview images are generated.

* First 100 conversion minutes is FREE. (Sandboxes also incur a charge for P&T after 100 conversion minutes)

* Conversion count does not always have one to one mapping between file count for video files. For example to convert a 350 MBs video file, 11 conversion counts needed.

Records Management Pricing (Optional)

Check-in/Check-out: Allows users to check out files, locking them so no one else can modify them, and then check them back in after changes are made. This feature allows for a proper version control mechanism.

Legal Hold: Files on legal hold are locked, preventing changes. Legal hold enables organizations to maintain and preserve records for litigation or regulatory purposes.

Retention Policy: Organizations can now configure retention policies to automatically dispose of files after a certain period of time. This allows for cleanup of clutter, better use of storage space, and minimizes exposure of files in the event of a security breach.

Microsoft Office Integration (Edit Online) Pricing

Annual Subscription Model

Interested in signing an annual contract due to budget requirements? No problem! Please schedule a meeting with our representative to help us understand your needs.
With a $5,000/ year minimum limit, an annual contract is more suited to the needs of enterprises. It is based on a true-up model and helps you avoid unexpected cost spikes throughout the year. Contact us for details!