S-Drive provides tiered pricing based upon the amount of storage. The first tier of S-Drive cost zero dollars. You will need to pay only for the Amazon S3 Storage. There is no sign-up fee, and your first 1 GB will be free for every month going forward.Each subsequent tier cost is based upon the amount of storage used in terms of GBs and Amazon S3 storage.S-Drive reduces your cost significantly if you need a lot of storage on Salesforce.

Here are some examples of how S-Drive storage is calculated: $5GB/month Usage If you store 5 GB in a month, your cost will be $40: (1x$0 + 4x$10) = $40 $50GB/month Usage If you store 50 GB in a month, your cost will be $202.50: (1x$0 + 4x$10 + 20x$5 + 25x$2.5) = $202.50
Amazon S3 storage cost is billed separately by Amazon. You can visit Amazon S3's pricing page.
Price of Storage UsedPricing Tiers
FREEFirst 1 GB-Month
$10.00 per GB-MonthGreater than 1 GB-Month through 5 GB-Month
$5.00 per GB-MonthGreater than 5 GB-Month through 25 GB-Month
$2.50 per GB-MonthGreater than 25 GB-Month through 100 GB-Month
$1.25 per GB-MonthGreater than 100 GB-Month through 1000 GB-Month
$0.50 per GB-MonthGreater than 1000 GB-Month through 5000 GB-Month
$0.20 per GB-MonthGreater than 5000 GB-Month through 10000 GB-Month
FREEGreater than 10000 GB-Month
  • No Setup Fees
  • Free to use for 15 days with no credit card
  • First 1GB storage and bandwidth usage is FREE every month
  • All data transfer into and out of S-Drive is at no cost
  • Free to use with Sandbox instances for Sdrive storage
  • Sandbox Preview & Thubmnail feature usage pricing is same as production (details for pricing)
  • Unlimited users and storage
  • No term commitments
  • Customers that can't pay by credit-cards, a $50/month handling fee is required
If you have questions on your mind, please visit Frequently Asked Questions or contact us.

Preview & Thumbnail Pricing (v1.28+)

With S-Drive 1.28, thumbnails and previews can be generated. Calculation is done based on the number of conversions used while generating the thumbnail and previews.


100 conversions are free for each month!


Preview & Thumbnail Sample Pricing Table *
File CountConversion CountPriceTotal Price



* Preview & Thumbnail cost is just for one time when files' preview images are generated.

* Conversion count does not always have one to one mapping between file count for video files. For example to convert a 350 MBs video file, 11 conversion counts needed.