S-Drive provides tiered pricing based upon the amount of storage. The first tier of S-Drive cost zero dollars. You will need to pay only for the Amazon S3 Storage. There is no sign-up fee, and your first 1 GB will be free for every month going forward.Each subsequent tier cost is based upon the amount of storage used in terms of GBs and Amazon S3 storage.S-Drive reduces your cost significantly if you need a lot of storage on Salesforce.

Here are some examples of how S-Drive storage is calculated:

$5GB/month Usage
If you store 5 GB in a month, your cost will be $40:
   (1x$0 + 4x$10) = $40

$50GB/month Usage
If you store 50 GB in a month, your cost will be $202.50:
   (1x$0 + 4x$10 + 20x$5 + 25x$2.5) = $202.50

Amazon S3 storage cost is billed separately by Amazon. You can visit Amazon S3's pricing page.
Price of Storage UsedPricing Tiers
FREEFirst 1 GB-Month
$10.00 per GB-MonthGreater than 1 GB-Month through 5 GB-Month
$5.00 per GB-MonthGreater than 5 GB-Month through 25 GB-Month
$2.50 per GB-MonthGreater than 25 GB-Month through 100 GB-Month
$1.25 per GB-MonthGreater than 100 GB-Month through 1000 GB-Month
$0.50 per GB-MonthGreater than 1000 GB-Month through 5000 GB-Month
$0.20 per GB-MonthGreater than 5000 GB-Month through 10000 GB-Month
FREEGreater than 10000 GB-Month
  • No Setup Fees
  • Free to use for 15 days with no credit card
  • First 1GB storage and bandwidth usage is FREE every month
  • All data transfer into and out of S-Drive is at no cost
  • Free to use with Sandbox instances
  • Unlimited users and storage
  • No term commitments
  • Customers that can't pay by credit-cards, a $50/month handling fee is required


If you have questions on your mind, please visit Frequently Asked Questions or contact us.