S-Drive was created for Salesforce.com users to meet their needs for extra storage space, easier file management, and secure file transfer options. S-Drive file management solution combines the managerial applications of Salesforce.com with Amazon’s secure file storage services. S-Drive is the only 100% native, secure, easy to use and unlimited file storage and file distribution platform for Salesforce.com. It is ideal for any business needing a secure location to organize, store, and share large files such as promotional material, customer support documents, sales files, software, etc. S-Drive supports all types of media files.

S-Drive can assist your company’s operations by

  • Facilitating unlimited storage in Salesforce.com.
  • Providing a secure place to organize your company’s large files through cloud storage.
  • Allowing access to content anywhere, anytime, by an unlimited number of authorized users.
  • Creating a platform where customers can download and upload documents and media.
  • Making electronic software delivery easy via communities or customer portal.
  • Offering many other benefits to relieve the stress associated with managing large files.

Keep your files secure and organized. View your files anywhere, anytime. Say goodbye to FTP by using this user-friendly alternative. Share big files with your customers quickly and easily by simply sending them a link. Sign up today!

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