Document Management for Your Desktop is Now a Little Easier

Working on your desktop, across apps, or in Salesforce involves a lot of uploading, downloading, and saving of documents to keep files current and organized. The challenge is often how to leverage the applications running your business while working with specific files on and off the desktop efficiently.   Eliminating the manual tasks associated with document […]

CyanGate Integrates DocuSign eSignature Functionality and Microsoft 365 to S-Drive Document Management Solution – Available via Salesforce AppExchange

Seamlessly access powerful productivity management and eSignature solutions to increase document security and ease of use   CINCINNATI, Ohio—December 6, 2022 – CyanGate, award-winning document management and Salesforce solution developer and service provider, integrated DocuSign eSignature and Microsoft 365 with their S-Drive product to help deliver faster and more scalable solutions for customers. Integrating eSignature […]