Seamlessly access powerful productivity management and eSignature solutions to increase document

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CINCINNATI, Ohio—December 6, 2022CyanGate, award-winning document management and Salesforce solution developer and service provider, integrated DocuSign eSignature and Microsoft 365 with their S-Drive product to help deliver faster and more scalable solutions for customers. Integrating eSignature helps deliver an extra layer of security and provides rich document management solutions for global customers. Integrating Microsoft 365 offers continuous functionality for customers without having to leave the S-Drive platform. The solution is available today via Salesforce AppExchange making time to value immediate for joint customers.

Document security and compliance have become an essential element in today’s digital-first world. Added security measures are needed across digital environments to ensure critical documents are not changed or altered after approval. Integrating DocuSign eSignature with S-Drive streamlines and simplifies document protection. Customers can save time and resources by not having to download and run a separate process for eSignatures. S-Drive uses DocuSign’s Envelope Template structure and enables seamless end-to-end integration with DocuSign all within AppExchange.

“Integrating key solutions like eSignature and Microsoft 365 into S-Drive significantly extends the value for our customers,” said Bulent Dogan, founder and senior solution architect, S-Drive. “Security for documents and assets has never been more important. Speeding time to value and making this happen seamlessly within one solution is a huge advantage for joint customers on AppExchange.”

Leveraging productivity solutions from Microsoft 365 like Excel helps teams maximize efficiencies and improve ROI. The integration with S-Drive makes industry-leading solutions even more accessible.

Built on the Salesforce Platform, S-Drive is a Native solution and is available on AppExchange. Learn more about the integrations of eSignature and Microsoft 365 for S-Drive here.


As the highest-rated document management solution on AppExchange, S-Drive offers a cloud-based file storage solution for any type of content. It provides an exceptional user experience as it is Lightning-ready coupled with a user-friendly interface.

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CyanGate delivers solutions, services, and technologies to help organizations scale, speed time to value, and increase business agility. Founded in 2007, CyanGate focused on digital asset management implementations across industries. As technology and customer needs evolved, CyanGate developed new solutions and services with three lines of business: Digital Assert Management and PIM services (CyanGate), Document Management for (S-Drive), and OneTeg, no-code iPaaS solution. The Company is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio with an office in Ankara, Turkey to support its global customers.


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