The service cloud provides companies with a customer portal for their own customers and partners to log support cases and get updates 24×7.’s Customer Portal allows companies to interact with their customer base at a single location. In addition to case management, Customer Portals can provide knowledge base, ideas, answers, help, training and many other self-service tools.

Companies can extend the case management features of the Customer Portal and allow their customers to exchange case file attachments with Customer Support Staff. S-Drive for provides an intuitive interface for your customers to attach any number of large files to the appropriate cases so that the case attachments can become accessible by support staff.



S-Drive for eliminates difficult-to-use FTP servers and expensive and disconnected file exchange applications. All case files can be easily attached to the appropriate support case directly from within the Customer Portal.

With the S-Drive email agent, support emails and email attachments can also be automatically stored in Your customers can simply email back attachments for a case, and all information will be stored and centralized at one location that can be accessed by your support staff. S-Drive enhances the email to case feature of by eliminating file attachment size limits.

Advantages of Using S-Drive for Case File Management

  • Eliminate difficult-to-use FTP servers.
  • Collect all support case information at a single location.
  • Prevent sharing of FTP passwords and exposure of customer data.
  • Allow your customers to upload multiple files at a time to with ease.
  • Extend the attachment file size limit from 5MB to 2GBs (or eliminate it with the S-Drive Admin Tool).
  • Eliminate the use of expensive storage costs by offloading file storage to Amazon S3.