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Follow these instructions to upgrade S-Drive from any previous version to our latest version:

Install the latest version of S-Drive



For Account Files, Case Files, Contact Files, Opportunity Files, Lead Files and S3Object (S-Drive Tab files), the new fields described in this step already exist, however you must check the filed level security for them on the profiles that use the S-Drive object in question. 

If you  have custom objects from your previous S-Drive version, there may be new fields that must be added to your CustomFile Object. Go to each of your custom file objects and check that all the fields are there. (The older your pre-upgrade version is, the more fields you may need to add.) If any are missing, add them manually as described in the table below. (For CaseFiles, AccountFiles, ContactFiles, OpportunityFiles and S3Object, you only need to check Field Level Security for these fields):


Field LabelField NameData TypeValue
Checked Out ByChecked_Out_By__cText(255)
Content TypeContent_Type__cText(255)
DescriptionDescription__cLong Text Area(32000)
File NameFile_Name__cText(255)
File SizeFile_Size__cFormula (Text)IF(!(ISBLANK(Shortcut__c )), RIGHT(Shortcut__c, (LEN(Shortcut__c) - FIND(':', Shortcut__c))),
IF(File_Size_in_Bytes__c > 1024,
IF(File_Size_in_Bytes__c > 1048576,
IF(File_Size_in_Bytes__c > 1073741824,
TEXT(ROUND((File_Size_in_Bytes__c /1073741824),2)) & " GB",
TEXT(ROUND((File_Size_in_Bytes__c /1048576),2)) & " MB"),
TEXT(ROUND((File_Size_in_Bytes__c /1024),2)) & " KB"),
TEXT(File_Size_in_Bytes__c) & " bytes"))
File Size in BytesFile_Size_in_Bytes__cNumber(18, 0)
Is DeletedIs_Deleted__cCheckbox
Is Latest VersionIs_Latest_Version__cCheckboxDefault value=checked
Is Parent DeletedIs_Parent_Deleted__cCheckbox
Lock StateLock_State__cPicklist (Multi-Select)Picklist values: checkedOut, legalHold
Page CountPage_Count__cNumber(18, 0)
Parent Folder IdParent_Folder_Id__cText(255)
Preview KeyPreview_Key__cText(255)
Preview Version IdPreview_Version_Id__cText(255)
Sync IdSync_Id__cText(255)
TagsTags__cLong Text Area(4096)
Thumbnail KeyThumbnail_Key__cText(255)
Thumbnail Version IdThumbnail_Version_Id__cText(255)
Version DescriptionVersion_Description__cText(255)
Version IdVersion_Id__cText(255)
WIPWIP__cCheckboxDefault value=checked



Now you’re ready to create folders, upload files and so much more using the latest version of S-Drive!