What is new in 2.5?

File Sync

Synchronizing Salesforce Files with S-Drive is now available with 2.5 release. After making the necessary configurations, files uploaded to Salesforce Files are sent automatically to S-Drive placed under the configured object. It is also possible to remove files from Salesforce Files after successfully synchronizing them with S-Drive.
Existing Salesforce Files can be synced with S-Drive.


Tagging files and folders is now available in S-Drive 2.5. Users can tag files, remove tags from files and search for the tagged files. Admin users can also define a set of banned tags to prevent users from tagging files or folders with those words.

Self Service Invoicing

S-Drive Portal has an invoice generation functionality made available with S-Drive 2.5 release. Users can see their payment history and download the invoice for S-Drive usage from previous months.

Compact S-Drive

A more compact version made available with 2.5 release allows users to fit S-Drive to spaces with different sizes on the page layout. In order to use S-Drive in narrow spaces, choose compact view during Lightning configuration of S-Drive.

Advanced Emails

New email component coming with 2.5 release allows users to attach files from S-Drive. Users can also track history of the emails sent from this component on Activity History.


What is new in 2.3?


Users can shortcut a file to anywhere they want in S-Drive. This place can be a folder in the same record, another record under the same object or a record under a different object. Shortcuts have zero bytes of size, enabling users to have the same file in multiple places without paying any extra storage costs.

Note: Shortcuts are available in both Classic view and Lightning Experience, although they can only be created in Lightning Experience.

REST Services

REST API is now available for S-Drive. Newly implemented REST interface enables access to any software outside Salesforce. S-Drive users can now transfer files with ease between S-Drive on Salesforce and other third-party applications.

Drag & Drop

S-Drive users can now use the optional drag and drop functionality to upload their files easier. For more efficiency, there is also an auto upload option. When this option is enabled, there is no need to click on the Upload button for upload process to start, the process will automatically start.

Note: Auto upload is disabled by default for current S-Drive users’ convenience, it can be enabled from S-Drive Configuration.

HIPAA Compliance

Starting from version 2.3.1, S-Drive is a HIPAA compliant document management application. This means that S-Drive follows rules and regulations enforced by HIPAA and provides security to protect sensitive data.

2.3.5 Release Notes (most recent release)



What’s new in 2.2?

2.2 Release turned out to be a release of All Clouds. We refer to All Clouds as Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Communities Cloud, Commerce Cloud and Connect Cloud.

Aside from these main features, here are some other nice features coming along with 2.2 Release:

What’s new in 2.1?

Along with the 2.1 release S-Drive is presenting 7 new customer-centric enhancements on Salesforce.com

Other than these 7 enhancements:

Please note that;

What’s new in 2.0?

Along with the 2.0 release S-Drive is now Lightning Ready. You can configure S-Drive Lightning Component for your standard/custom objects and S3Object(S-Drive Tab).

Please note that;


If you enable my domain after installing S-Drive 2.0, the S-Drive Tab which is placed into S-Drive App for Lightning Experience will not be visible.

To make this tab visible, navigate to Setup–>Profiles–> Your Profile–> Tab Settings and then set S-Drive tab to “Default On”. This is a known issue of Salesforce. For further explanation, you can visit this link.

What’s new in 1.28?



Also, you can save your preferences (Sorting fields or View Type selection) to settings, in order to define default behaviour of the object you work on.