How To Enable Preview & Thumbnail For Objects Related S-Drive?

Note! Sdrive Folders object’s Preview & Thumbnail feature is default enabled.


What will happen after you enable Preview and Thumbnail and configure file types for an object?


How To Generate Preview & Thumbnail of Pre-existing S-Drive Attachments?

If Preview & Thumbnail is enabled for an object, whenever you upload a file to this object, S-Drive will automatically create preview images/videos for this file, if it is allowed. However, you may have some pre-existing attachments on your preview & thumbnail enabled objects. To generate preview & thumbnail of pre-existing attachments;

Note that, object must be preview & thumbnail enabled to see it in the list.


S-Drive’s Preview and Thumbnail Service will process these files and generate preview and thumbnail. It may take some time depending on total number of attachments. You can monitor conversion status in PreviewAndThumbnailConfigPage (Conversion Status section). Also, you can directly navigate to related object file page and check your attachments by changing view types.