What’s new in 2.0?

Along with the 2.0 release S-Drive is now Lightning Ready. You can configure S-Drive Lightning Component for your standard/custom objects and S3Object(S-Drive Tab).

Please note that;

If you enable my domain after installing S-Drive 2.0, the S-Drive Tab which is placed into S-Drive App for Lightning Experience will not be visible.

To make this tab visible, navigate to Setup–>Profiles–> Your Profile–> Tab Settings and then set S-Drive tab to “Default On”. This is a known issue of Salesforce. For further explanation, you can visit this link.

What’s new in 1.28?


Also, you can save your preferences (Sorting fields or View Type selection) to settings, in order to define default behaviour of the object you work on.





What’s new in 1.27?