Document management on is usually not very straightforward. Most users are inclined towards using hierarchical folders as this is the most common way of organizing documents. However, in the documents tab only allows a single level of hierarchy. S-Drive allows users to place documents of any size in a hierarchical structure that can be as deep as needed.

S-Drive can easily replace the typical company network share that is usually maintained on a file server inside the company network. Usually the sales department gets their own network share, and this share is mounted onto the sales staff’s computer as “S” drive. Our S-Drive can replace this share folder and offer the following advantages:

  • No need to login to VPN to access sales documents.
  • No file server to maintain and backup within your network.
  • Users can share content with outside users by simply emailing them a link.
  • Users can store very large files in S-Drive  and share these files with customers.
  • Documents related to contacts, accounts and opportunities can be attached to the appropriate record in without consuming storage.
  • Sharing rules can be applied to documents and folders to enforce access permissions on documents.